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Guitar player of the week – Neil Young

I have loved Neil Young’s playing for many, many years.

He is equally at home on acoustic and electric guitars and has written countless great songs during a career which spans back to the 1960s.


I have been lucky enough to see Neil live twice. The first time was when he headlined the 1996 Phoenix Festival near Stratford-upon-Avon with his band Crazy Horse.

It was a stunning performance and included an awesome electric rendition of Like A Hurricane which seemed to last 20 minutes with strobe lights flashing out into the audience.

The second time I saw him was at the Hard Rock Calling Festival in London in 2009. He was, once again, absolutely fantastic. The night ended with Neil and Paul McCartney singing The Beatles’ classic A Day In The Life. An incredible moment and one I will never forget.

Enjoy this wonderful concert of Neil performing at the BBC in 1971.

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Welcoming a new guitar

Well, there has been a new addition today to the guitar family!

I purchased this beautiful tobacco sunburst Yamaha F370 from Peter Norris Music in Douglas.

A few years ago I would have struggled to part with any guitar, but I said goodbye to two today to bring this new one into the fold.

I am a huge fan of Yamaha guitars, they are excellent value for money and the F310 that I bought 15/16 years ago still gets regular use. To this day I still get comments on its tone yet I paid just £80 for it new at the end of the 1990s.

This F370 has a great sound, lovely highly playable neck and superb action – three qualities which seem to be the hallmark of every Yamaha guitar I have ever played . Plus the tobacco sunburst looks amazing.

The company is currently celebrating its 125th anniversary, here’s to another 125 years!

(So, Yamaha, how about an endorsement deal?)

In other news I will soon be providing a section on this website about things to consider when buying guitars, with particular reference to your first or second guitar.

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Guitar player of the week

Every week I am going to post a video clip of a great guitar player.

As I have organised a tribute night in his honour I am choosing to start with one of the great folk blues acoustic guitar players, Mississippi John Hurt.

John Hurt first recorded in 1928 but it wasn’t until his re-discovery in 1963 that he recorded again.

Until his death, in 1966, he recorded many times and became a huge inspiration to many guitar players.

His music continues to wow and impress guitarists of all ages.

To find out more about the tribute night, which takes place on Saturday, March 2 2013 at the Institute, Laxey, Isle of Man, click here

Thanks for reading and enjoy this wonderful performance of Mississippi John Hurt singing and playing You’ve Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley,