Nigel’s testimonial

Below is a testimonial from Nigel Chase, one of my students. I have put it on a separate page as I wanted to reproduce it in full as his kind words really mean so much to me.

Many months ago Nigel, who has a real deep passion for music, introduced me to the film Mr Holland’s Opus which is brilliant. He has put a video link to one of the film’s greatest scenes in the testimonial. 

Thank you Nigel for these lovely words, it is a true pleasure to get to play music with you every week – John Gregory

“I tried self teach books and the internet and – not wanting a one to one pupil / teacher relationship – gave up on ever being able to play the guitar.

Then 7 years later my wife booked me an unexpected lesson with John to see how I got on. I blew the dust off my guitar and reluctantly went along….that was 18 months ago and I now have a weekly lesson booked.

I am now playing and singing songs along with the likes of Bob Marley, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and many many more, which I NEVER thought I could or would be doing.

Further to learning chords John has moved me on to riffs and some finger picking which is amazing.

John’s mission is to have as many people enjoying the guitar as possible. He fits the lessons around the wants of the individual albeit pop, rock, folk, blues, electric or acoustic BUT at the end of the day it’s a team effort and you will only get out what you put in.

John cannot make anyone practice, it has to be you that wants this and be disciplined enough to ride out the times when you think you are not progressing….YOU ARE but don’t know it – be guided by John.

Make no mistake learning the guitar is hard work but very enjoyable. If it was easy we would all be playing. I found the first 4 months a little frustrating as I learnt the chords and my way around the guitar to hit them.

But with determination and practice your progress will pay dividends quickly. John is very motivational and inspirational – especially  during the more difficult times – but we got through them. Books cannot do that. John never judges you as he too has been through the same process and draws on that experience to inspire us.

With john you are in very good hands. He wants us to be guitarists with a varied knowledge of methods and not just able to play one “party” song. However, if that is all you want John will accommodate, reluctantly.

John will not let you sit back and rest on your laurels. Once you achieve a goal he moves you on at your pace. My story is one of amazement not just to me but to my family. John sees our potential and works with it at the right speed for each individual.

It’s a passion with John and not about the money.

For those of you who know films….John is our Mr Holland…..this sums John up better than I ever could.

Oh and if you think age is a problem in learning…I am 53 and love it, thanks to John.

May we continue to play the sunset…….” – Nigel Chase